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September 11 2015
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New attendance record for Ocean Park

Ocean Park in Hong Kong welcomed a record 5.9 million guests in the year to June 30, 2011, up 16 per cent on 2010, as the resort continues to attract an increasing number of visitors from mainland China and overseas markets.

According to the park's operator, the launch of Aqua City and the Rainforest, together with iconic seasonal presentations, such as the 10th annual Halloween Bash, helped to bolster both Ocean Park and Hong Kong as international family travel destinations.

In fiscal 2011, Ocean Park booked strong growth of 44 per cent in EBITDA to HK$339.2m (US$43.7m) and a net surplus of HK$105.1m (US$13.5m). Revenues also broke the billion dollar mark for the first time, finishing the year at HK$1.2bn (US$154.6m).

Commenting on the results, park chairman, Allan Zeman, said: "Marking our most significant milestone since inception 34 years ago, the unveiling of the New Ocean Park experience has enriched our platform of conservation advocacy and strengthened the tourism appeal of Hong Kong.

"Not only did the launch of Aqua City draw three consecutive days of capacity attendance - the first ever for Ocean Park - during the Chinese New Year, it also set off five consecutive months of record attendance."

He added: "To appreciate the magnitude of the upward momentum, we only have to notice how attendance during the 12 months ending September 2011, which reached 6.6 million, has far exceeded the same 12 month period of the prior year, at 5.4 million."