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September 11 2015
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Adventure World Abu Dhabi announced

World amusements industry giants JoraVision and Vekoma are set to play a key in developing the newly-announced Adventure World theme park in Abu Dhabi.

Throughout 2011, all industry eyes have been on the forthcoming development of Adventure World Warsaw in Poland.

At a recent press conference, developer Las Palm has announced plans to create a new park in parallel to its current investment.

"The concept of a family park, which we created jointly with our partners -JoraVision, AGS, Imtech, Vekoma - has a huge potential," said the group's Peter Jan Mulder.

"In Abu-Dhabi it will be supplemented with elements of local culture and history, boosting the economy and existing tourism of Abu Dhabi, creating new jobs, and attracting even more tourists each year."