Saturday, 10 Oct, 2015

Product News

September 18 2015
June 18 2015

Several new projects from Team Architects

Following several successful installations over recent months, Team Architects of Israel is currently working on several attraction packages for theme park and FEC operators around the world.

Comfyland Experience

Intended for family entertainment centres, shopping malls, children's health centres, hotels and resorts and camp sites, the Comfyland Experience creates unique space for a family-interactive, protective and enjoyable experience.

These spaces were made as "mazes" consisting of elastic units capable of being built and dismantled rapidly. The Comfyland space is divided into three major sections attached to each other through a network of passages.

The '3C' comfy elements are well represented and reflected within three different corners featuring different and exciting experiences: the Senses Corner, Music Corner and Cognitive Corner.


Atlantis! is a mysterious underwater themed attraction that is revealed to guests in stages, offering them the opportunity to exercise their full imagination.

The overall space is designed as a lost, imaginative city that is submerged under the sea, generating its own inner world. The space simulates a huge water tank - the walls are covered with sea habits, coral wildlife and wrecks in the depths, most of them in actual size.

The "city" itself has public centres, which comprise various attractions, and the target audience is children aged between two and 12.


The Epic was installed in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2007, as a modern, mixed-use FEC club featuring a dance area, an open bar and gallery. The venue also includes "single boxes," springy saddle jumping stools and a luminescent DJ booth.

The club's interior design places inner components at unusual angles that serve to break up the rectangular space, obscuring any sense of time and place. From private parties to mass dancing nights, goers aged eight to 18 are welcome to find their place of interest and fun.

As a multi-use endeavour, the Epic allows for games and attractions during the day, while entertaining its more mature guests through the night.

Fantasy Park

The soon-to-open Fantasy Park at the Dambovita Centre in Bucharest, Romania, will house a large variety of attractions, such as an indoor roller coaster, mini flight, bumper cars, ice rink, mini golf and a maze.

The park will also include a classical Fantasy Park branch, part of a chain across Europe. The entire space will be themed as a lost tropical island, with the centre representing a tropical village, a multi-level tropical island, enriched decoration and a set of bridges in between the various zones.

The location is an inner space of 5,500 sq. m at the entrance level to the Dambovita Centre and an additional two levels will be approximately 3,000 sq. m each. Fantasy Park is operated by the Plaza Centres Group, which is owned by Motti Zisser and features entertainment initiatives directed by David Peretz.