Tuesday, 13 Oct, 2015

Product News

September 18 2015
June 18 2015

Polin, Creek-Surfing form global alliance

Creek-Surfing, the Hungary-based manufacturer of its eponymous, patent protected new concept in energy saving water activities, has formed a global alliance with Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems.

Under the terms of the deal, Polin will distribute the Creek-Surfing concept globally.

The concept of Creek-Surfing is based on a micro-terraced system, whereby several plastic bands are placed horizontally on a base plate, forming micro-terraces side by side.

Water is first pumped up to the top of the creek before filling the micro-terraces from top to bottom, forming micro basins. The shallow water enables riders to brake and change direction - just like on snow-covered downhill courses.

The product can be integrated into waterparks and amusement parks.

The combination of Creek-Surfing's revolutionary new concept with Polin's strong partner network across the globe aim to bring added value to amusement industry.