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August 27 2015
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Breaking the code

NONE Bletchley Park, the central site of the UK's code-breaking efforts in World War Two, has broken all previous records by welcoming more than 200,000 visitors since January 1.

Located in Milton Keynes, 45 miles north-west of London, the heritage site and tourist attraction attracted 196,000 visitors in 2014.

Bletchley Park was the primary setting of historical drama The Imitation Game, which was released last year and saw Benedict Cumberbach play British cryptanalyst Alan Turing.

Kelsey Griffin, Bletchley Park's marketing and communications director, said: "Bletchley Park is now firmly installed in the public consciousness as a fascinating place to learn about a once-secret story of World War Two code-breaking.

"It is now, thanks to a great deal of hard work by hundreds, if not thousands, of people over a long period of time, a fantastic day out."

Griffin added: "Visitor income allows the Bletchley Park Trust to fulfil its mission to not only preserve this uniquely historic site but also to tell this amazing story to generations to come."