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In focus: Bertazzon 3B

Bertazzon has been manufacturing equipment for the amusement industry since the early 1950s, exporting its range of quality products around the world.

The Italian company is well known for its wide range of merry-go-rounds, which has resulted in the company gaining a reputation as a 'Carousel Factory' par excellence.

Bertazzon also creates high quality bumper cars and go-karts as well as wide selection of family-orientated amusement rides, either for permanent or mobile installations.

In 1951, three brothers Luigi, Ferruccio and Marcello Bertazzon entered the amusement business, initially for reparation and upgrade of existing fairground equipment.

They soon moved into the production of bumper car buildings and go-karts, and in 1962 the company was formally established, with the brand Bertazzon 3B being chosen to identify the three founder brothers.

Today's Bertazzon employs 60 people in Italy, with the entire production cycle taking place in house within a covered area of 12,000sq.m.

"Business has been good, and 2012 looks set to be an overall a good year," said president, Michele Bertazzon. "In the first half of 2012 we delivered equipment to the US, Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Denmark and Turkey, among other countries.

"In the second half of the year we will deliver equipment for a new 'City Park' in Taipei, Taiwan, and other single rides for the US, Guatemala, Mexico and Europe.

"Bumper cars remain a core product line for us, but in 2012 we also introduced a smaller version of our iconic Swing Carousel, which is trailer mounted and has a capacity of 48 passengers."